Away to Africa Safaris

Based in Epping, NH, A-Way-To Africa Safaris is a small, safari planning office.

As far as we know, we are the only safari planning business in New Hampshire. Our clients, however, are not solely from the Granite State. By word of mouth and referrals, our clients are from all over the world.

A-Way-To Africa Safaris looks at each trip we plan as if it was our own. We just don’t pluck programs out of brochures! We use our personal experience so we can provide timely and appropriate feedback to our clients. We have no qualms saying why we would not recommend one accommodation over another, or why we prefer one park during a particular travel period.

It never ceases to amaze us how many people ask “Have you ever been on safari?” We know Kenya and Tanzania better than our own backyards. We travel to Africa several times a year, visiting new areas that may be of interest to our clients, new properties that have opened or re-visiting accommodations to ensure the standard is on par to what we expect for travelers.

A-Way-To Africa Safaris has been certified a Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) by the Kenya Tourism Board. This means we have met (and certainly exceeded) the necessary travel to Kenya to pass tests about travel/tourism in the country.

A-Way-To Africa Safaris uses only highly specialized resources. Our philosophy is if we would not use them for ourselves, we would not recommend/use them for our clients. These resources range from professional guides to transport services to locally run businesses. All these components are critical in ensuring clients have a safe and memorable trip.

For travelers to Kenya, we use only Kenya-based businesses. Like-wise for Tanzania. The businesses we are affiliated with have a commitment to their country, people and its wildlife. Not only do we consider these affiliates a valuable resource, but we also consider them our friends and extended safari family.

Our ultimate goal is to organize responsible tours in Kenya and Tanzania which benefit the local community and wildlife conservation, all the while giving clients the attention to detail they deserve and providing a top-notch wildlife and cultural experience.

It is what we do for our own trips – so yours should not be handled any differently.