Away to Africa Safaris


“I believe there is no sickness of the heart too great it cannot be cured by a dose of Africa. Families must go there to learn why they belong together on this earth, adolescents to discover humility, lovers to plumb old but untried wells of passion, honeymooners to seal marriages with a shared sense of bafflement, those shopworn with life to find a tonic for futility, the aged to recognize a symmetry to twilight. I know this all sounds a bit much, but if I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”

John Heminway

African Journeys, Warner Books, Inc. 1990

That’s a powerful statement, but one that many people who have had the pleasure of visiting Kenya and Tanzania wholeheartedly appreciate. Once you’ve been, you never forget the sites and sounds of Africa.

We know, because we’ve been there. From the time we were children dreaming of Africa’s wildlife to the moment our feet touched Tanzanian and Kenyan soil for the first time, the two countries left an indelible mark on our lives. We guarantee that yours  will be touched as well.

Visit the fantastic wildlife, fascinating people and phenomenal landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania … and you will know why so many people return time and time again.

Whether it is your first trip to Kenya and Tanzania or your hundredth, let A-Way-To Africa Safaris make it the most memorable. With attention to detail and a genuine love for two countries that have provided us with many magical moments and memories, we offer a wide array of travel choices that can meet any budget or schedule.


A-Way-To Africa Safaris can ensure a quality private, family or group safari. Whether you are interested in photographing wildlife or experiencing a different culture, we can help you realize your African dream. We will work with you to design an itinerary that best suits your sense of adventure and budget, all the while imparting our enthusiasm and knowledge.

Safari is the Swahili word for “journey.” Simply put, there is no journey more exciting than a safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Feel the awe and the majesty of the landscape. Get close to nature and go back in time when animals reigned supreme. Visit Kenya and Tanzania to experience and learn about the rhythm of life. We guarantee that you will learn something about yourself as well.

With experienced and knowledgeable guides, reliable vehicles and our attention to detail, A-Way-To Africa Safaris can help show you why a trip to Kenya and/or Tanzania will be one of the most exhilarating, spiritual and absolutely awesome adventures of your lifetime.